New words in the bible. The beginning of a new book.Mature

Adam: "hunches shoulders" I dunno. I just get these things.

Me: ... So how are we gonna fix this?

Eve: I don't quite know.

Adam: Well, first we need to know about the 21st century. Im guessing we should go and find the fruit of knowledge? I'm sure that will help us defend ourselves. "sits next to Eve and rests on her" But God doesnt want that...

Eve: Well "rubs his head" ... We pretty much don't have a choice... I don't know why we are here but I think were here for a reason... I just don't know what.

Me: I dunno... "Next thing you know my bible starts glowing on a certain page causing me to walk to it opening it to that page only to see new writing appearing on that blank page that wasnt there before"

Book of Adam and Eve

The chapter of Julius Green

(It had our recent conversation on it including everything that happened. The writing was in bibical language just like the rest of the bible)

Me: ... "closes the bible and sets it back down"

Eve: ... Anything the matter?

Me: ... Nothing... "smiles" Nothing at all... Now... Are we going to find the fruit of knowledge or not?

Adam: But how are we going to find it throughout this entire world. Surely it is extinct.

Me: ... Well... You could be right... (And I don't think God will like that) ... Here's what im gonna do... I'm going to teach you both the meaning of the 21st century ok?

Eve: "blinks"

Adam: "tilts head"

Me: "grins"

I don't feel like making the next three chapters about them learning english and stuff so i'm just gonna skip ahead like 5 weeks if you don't mind. But I will if you want me to but I just wont try as hard. I'll try hard but... not as hard

The End

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