Adam and Eve, The Soap Opera: Scene 2

Scene 2: Eve Wakes Up

Noises are the first thing I notice. My nose crinkles and I pull my arm over my head. The sounds were muffled, but not nearly enough. At that point I realized there was brightness, especially when I slowly opened my eyes and quickly closed them again. Way too bright.

Another sound intruded, and I pushed myself up, rubbing my hands over my face blearily. So this was a morning. Possibly an afternoon. It was actually rather nice, aside from the sound of someone approaching. Right. Time to get up and be about things.

I hopped to my feet, plastered a smile on my face and waited anxiously to see just who was coming. Or what. It could always be a what.

Nope, definitely a who. Someone who reminded me of myself came through the bushes and I brightened my smile just a bit. Ah. Him. I'd been told at least a little about him, although not much.

"Hey, Adam, my name's Eve and I am about to be the best thing that ever happened to you." Saying that, I found it pretty easy to believe. He was not much to look at. My smile fell just a little as I tilted my head, tapping a finger against my lips. Well, some improvement could be made at least. He was a work in progress.

I should have known, then.

This is my story, and it is hardly a perfect one.


The End

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