Adam wakes up in the hospital from a car accident with amnesia. After sometime trying to remember who he is, He suddenly realizes that hes more then an ordinary man after he saves a women from a drunk driver. Afterwords he goes to search for his past and what he finds out is far more then he could have imagined..

Ok instead of making the first chapter right now i want to give out a little more information on what the story is suppose to be about, since 500 chars is hard to describe this concept.


First of all Adam somehow loses his memory and gets amnesia. When he comes too from his accident he goes in search of information about himself and where he come's from. When on his journey to discover himself  he comes across a lady bent down tying her shoe on the sidewalk while a drunk driver is speeding toward her unaware that shes there. So Adam decides to try and help her and he gets to her right before the car hits them and he embrasses her and sticks out his hand trying to make sure he takes the blunt of the hit. All this time thinking in his head please stop...please stop... after a moment of silence Adam opens his eyes and sees that the car was forcefully stopped right before his hand and there was a strange glow around it.


further on during the story Adam starts to realize that hes very old after going to the largest library in the world he realized in most of the major events of victory around the world there was a strangely familiar man who looked exactly line him in the back of all the photos taking during the incidents. All this time Adam his dreams and nightmares that he can't explain about serpents and a beautiful women and apples and a few other things. as the story progresses Adam finds himself stuck in another major battle of time and as he fights along the side of men around him he starts to get flash backs of certain events and times and places start to rush his head.


After the many years of war and all is won and everything is peaceful once again Adam finally remembers everything and why he has such great powers and how it was possible that he was around for all these triumps and victories but still look the same age ever since then.


He was Adam from the garden of Eden, cause in my head if god made the first man out of his perfect image, who says he couldn't have had supernatural gifts and ever lasting life. Also this is jut a story idea i have come up with in my head and I'm far from a good writer so i wanted to unvale it to you all and get your thoughts on the idea.

PS i don't want the story to be to odvious during the whole thing until near the end of the story when he says the last line of the story. I don't want people to know its going to be Adam from the Adam and Eve times on this earth. And I already have the ending line for the book. I want to drop suddle clues and hints threw out so when they get to the last line they who it is but yet not to many to where allot of people figure it out way to early into the story and doesn't enjoy the suspence of the rest of the story.


i want the ending line of the story to be a random character in the story to ask him "who are you?" after the last dramatic incident that happens at the end and somehow Adam saves everyone without having a single scratch on him. I Want Adam to just turn and look at the guy and say"My Name's Adam."


Again any ideas or if someone wants to start writing on this then please feel free id love to see this idea implamented into a story thanks.

The End

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