Adain White

I stood surrounded by unfimiliar faces. The noise rang through my ears, so loud that it hurt. I couldn't place anything i saw or any face I looked at. I lost my breathe as everything blurred around me and the music turned into an ear splitting buzz. As I closed my eyes my breathe returned and the feeling of calm resurfaced. Slowly the screams and cursing or irritable voices faded, the bright lights dimmed to the shine of the moon and the feeling of  loneliness was replaced with the familiar, stronng, toned arms wrapped protectively around me.

I stood wrapped in this embrace and felt the summer even breeze whip around us. I slowly opened my eyes and grabbed the hand that was wrapped protectively around me. I examined it closely. The plams were clammy. The Skin soft. As I looked closer the nails were neat at trimmed and as I traced the lines on his plam, I slowly turned to face my protector. As my eyes travelled up they came across a set of broad shoulders, placed on top of these sat a thick neck. As my eyes carried on travelling upwards I saw a prominent jaw line covered in thick bristle. Smooth pink lips. A slightly to large nose. Sparkling eyes, eyes bluer than the sky, eyes deeper than the ocean, eyes more soothing than home, yet home to me. A grand smile swept across his face, and I knew I wore a matching one.

 He turned gracefully on his heels and started walking,  like an obedient dog I followed my master. I need not question where we were going or what we were doing as I already knew. I need not ruin the moment with petty small talk as our eyes were all the communication we needed. We walked for what seemed like miles, with the tall grasses tickling our knees.

 We walked hand in hand in hand.

 We walked side by side.

 We ran.

 We skipped.

 We raced.

We wondered aimlessly until with both collapsed into the forest of green. His eyes meet mine as I gazed at him adoringly. He inched closer to me, slowly. A wicked smile upon his face that made me melt. Now our noses touched and I could feel his warm breathe on my face. His hands tangled in my hair and his lips on mine. First softly, then hungrily and then passionately. Now his hands all over my body and mine mapping his. Feelings emerged that i forgot existed. We rolled playfully through the grass, staining our clothes but we were together again in this precious time that I knew would be gone soon.

And right on que, bit by bit, he left me. Fading into the night until only his scent remained. I inhaled his sweet scent for the last time. The tranquillity of the meadow rapidly changing back to the harsh ear splitting buzz, the soft light of the moon turned back to the blinding lights and one by one the unfamiliar faces surrounded me once again. He was gone. How long for this time i didn’t know.

The End

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