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A young Caucasian male has died. He has chosen a traffic circle in the center of town. Why has he done this? Before anyone could arrive at the scene, one person has managed to find a suicide note. This is what the suicide note states :

In the (so-called) sane society one cannot terminate one's existence peacefully. I have tried a lot of things, but never had the chance to experience death once and for all. What the hell is that , this self-righteous civilization cannot take away my right to kill myself. Again, the concept of self can be defined in many ways. People are dying every day in the name of the so-called idea of ''freedom'' and yet I cannot shoot myself or even ingest flipping cyanide intentionally. This is a criminal offense of human civilization and a travesty of existence.

Some ****-up individuals, pardon my French, wave their **** around on the internet and then whine as to how they are ''not known to others.'' Oh please, this is just inane and preposterous. I have tried jumping off the rooftops, shooting myself , ingesting myself with lethal substances, contacting ''Dignitas'' in Switzerland and nothing frigging worked. This is pathetic, as this was in my mind only. Mediocre minds of psychiatry pretend that they give a ****. This civilization is located nowhere, consists of nations that can be best defined as bunk, with people who can be best classified as material warmongers with flying dicks and spinning titties. Good riddance to the recruitment office in Times Square. The psychopaths in the military do not give a **** about anything apart from killing and raping others while pretending to fight for freedom while their female companions cheer.

This is called sublimation - sexual urges are released on others. I am sure that the Illuminati are laughing in everyone's face right now. Yes, God bless the world and its ideals created by the noble human race, that so far has amassed circa thirty billion lives throughout its ''civil'' existence. A person cannot just die if their mental state is not good due to the fact that this is considered a ''violation of God knows who established God knows where.'' But the meme persists. Why do we care so much about allowing others to die if they wish to do so? The Nazis invented a device which is very efficient at leaving this plane of existence : it paralyzes one's nervrous system in around two seconds. Why then, I ask, we cannot experience this as, seemingly, free citizens of the ''free world?'' The answer is very simple and people are afraid to stare it in the face : The sheer concept of ''freedom'' as engendered by the human interpretation of existence is ****.

The End

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