Actually Thor and the Mullet of Justice

It was always creepy down 098 Street, but Actually was used to it by now. This was the third crime scene down 098 that he'd investigated this week. As a Forensic Etymologist, it was Actually's job to determine the murder weapon.

In Shelfland, words can kill.

"Thor, you got a lead on the weapon yet?"

"Well the inflections indicate a word originating in the Saxon period, but the dialect is intriguing, I've not come across it before."

"Stumped again? Someone's actually stumped Actually Thor."

Actually rolled his eyes. "Look, just get him to the lab, alright, I think I've done all I can do here. Between you and me, I have a hunch."

"And what's that Thor?"

"I think we've got a serial killer on our hands."

The End

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