Through the nightMature

Walking through the city everything was still awake. It's true what they say the city never sleeps. 
The multitude of shops still open with their lights glaring garishly at her, exposing her to people. Freddie decided to slip into the backstreets and find somewhere to go. 

After a few hours of wondering Freddie reached a port, by this time her eyes were filled with tears of tiredness and her legs like lead. Following a crowd of people she found herself at on a boat. Slipping somewhere quiet in the ferry, she bedded down for the night going wherever the boat would take her. So her uneasy sleep began. 

At home the whispers starting, shouting occurs then the hits the punches, seeking solace in drink. Shouting, pleading, noises, screams, then the make up. 

She woke with a starting, absorbing her surroundings on the boat, drinking it in. After the boat landed stepping off into the bright sunlight to a new place, a new start. Across the sea. 

The End

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