Problems with realityMature

Freddie is an ordinary girl till life got in the way. It was time to leave-or die trying. She plans to cross the seas to start a new life far away, across the sea follow this girls journey, with the one question. What is she really running from?

She lay on her bed, and just cried. The sobs racked her body but no one noticed. Her parents were downstairs 'watching the telly' after their argument, the noises suggested otherwise. How much longer could she stand? Her sister was probably in her room drinking and chain smoking trying to forget all of this mess, but Freddie was determined not to forget. She didn't want to end up like this. 
The children are crying! The parents neglect! The sister drinks! How do you stand it? 
The truth she didn't, she reached for her help. A sleep remedy, the one thing that helped her relax. She took them properly-despite urges, never taking an overdosed. Her life wasn't that bad she'd decided. 
She took some and drifted into an uneasy sleep as memories swirled her head, and pictures of places in her books. Their culture of life seemed happier and Freddie felt as if she was walking around the world. 'Time to go' she whispered in her sleep. Then waking with a jolt as the nightmare returned. Left, lost lonely. 

Walking into her sisters room, Freddie took the still lit cigarette and extinguished it, coughing with the fumes. She then lifted the covers and tucked her drowsy sister in her bed. Picking up the empty bottles Freddie placed them neatly in her sister's cupboard with the rest. 

After saying night to her sister, Freddie went to her room. Packed her bags before sneaking out the door and into the unknown. The cold breeze hitting her but not deterring her.  

The End

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