A hasty departure from the city

Jack had promised that they wouldn't be found the last time, but they were on their tail.  They could both feel it.  She had noticed that Jack suddenly became very edgy, leaving the answering service to pick up calls.  Not even daring to answer his own mobile unless he could definitely ID the caller before responding.

Anya had a constant feeling of dread.  A heavy ache in her stomach and her head that rarely left.  To those that didn't know her, she presented as someone with a significant alcohol problem, though she rarely touched a drop these days.

When the Carbone's men arrived at the house that day when Jack had left for work, she knew that she had to get out of the house as quickly as she could.  Such was the rush, she didn't stop to take her purse or her mobile.  Her heart felt like it would burst straight through her ribcage.  She ran from the back of the house, through the towering grey apartment blocks and across into the large, municipal park.  She daren't look back, for fear that they had realised where she was.

After what was probably only two minutes, though felt more like two hours, she came out from the bushes where she had been hiding.  God, what a mess.  The bushes contained hypodermics, used condoms and all sorts of other detritus that shall remain nameless.

She wrestled with her nerves long enough to find a public pay 'phone and dialled Jack's mobile number.  She breathlessly explained what had happened and he promised he would meet her at their pre-determined rendezvous point outside of the city.  Only when they were together again would she believe that there was any way out of this nightmare.

The End

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