Silver Skin and Ebony HairMature

It wasn't like J liked this new plan of his. There was simply... nothing else he could think of. It all happened years back, when he was just getting his arm put on. One of the mechanics had given Mr. Shaw some money, saying he was paying him back. The man seemed terrified, so J, who had been overly curious at the time, asked Mr. Shaw about it. The man had frowned in a displeasing way - J remembered every time the man had done so - and went about working, only saying he had spared the man's life. 

J didn't know how, but he did know that man had been sent out of CORE and never heard of again. Of course, the person he attacked and let Bell heal wouldn't disappear like that mechanic. He - J refused to attack a girl, but didn't know why the gender mattered so much - would be healed right after anyway. J didn't like her hurting herself for her blood, but... There was no helping it.

It took some time to actually find a good target, but the two escapees finally discovered a man in a cloak walking down a lone alleyway. Bell had always been real quiet when walking, probably from being almost caught a few times when sneaking over to his cell, so she had went ahead and hid at the other side of the alleyway. J simply walked behind the man and let his cloak hid his features. This way he wouldn't be discovered even if he was seen.

The man wasn't large, really, but he looked well built, like J himself. Well, almost like J. It was like someone had taken J's own body shape and pumped it full of air. Man, J really didn't like this now that he saw the man up close. He'd rather go eat ice cream...

J attacked before he could think anymore. Better to be done with it. 

It all happened in a flash, really. J jumping. The man turning, a hint of silver hair showing out. Then darkness. Had he... Had he been hit? Sure enough, J woke up with an aching pain to the side of his face. That hurt! More than the mean beasts! More than that... well, meaner beast. Were regular people this strong?

J froze, realizing he had woken up in a wooden building and not the alley.

"Well, well," a menacing voice said, "The assassin finally wakes up."

J looked toward the voice, realizing it was the man he had tried attacking. Oh no! J had been tied up! His face exposed! This man knew his face. The plan... J decided to instead look at his captor and give him a smile. The man, who had short silver hair and a fuzzy silver beard underneath his hood, gave J an odd look. Wait... was that silver skin AND eyes, too? It looked like someone colored this man silver instead of the normal colors!

"Um, sorry mister..." J said, trying to sound as sincere as he could. He really didn't mean anything bad... 

"Say sorry to her, too," the man - who J decided to call Silver - said, pointing over to J's right. J followed the finger and saw a woman with golden hair holding her hand like it was hurt. 

"Um... Sorry?"

The woman shook her head. "I'll be fine, but you have a hard head. Nearly broke my hand hitting you."

Silver laughed. "I could have stopped him, even with his mechanical arm, Sage."

The woman glared at Silver. "Don't use my name, Drakmor," She snapped, "Not all of us can be invincible! They might be spies or something."

J cocked his head. What was going on? He needed to get back to Bell. She would be worried. "I promise I didn't mean to hurt you, really," J told them, interrupting their conversation, "But I needed to spare your life so you would owe me a favor."

Silver... er, Drakmor laughed. "What kind of person attacks somebody with the purpose of sparing their life for a favor? Isn't that just threatening with a bit of violence?"

J shifted awkwardly. He hadn't thought about that. "Um..."

The woman named Sage silenced J with a hand motion. "He may be from there," Sage said slowly, looking at J's now-exposed arm. "It would explain how the girl we got could do that odd stuff with her mind."


"Where's Bell! What did you do to her!?" J ripped his mechanical arm free, sending his cloak flying off his shoulders in the process - it had caught on his arm, probably - and stood up. He needed to look menacing so they would tell him where Bell was! They needed to-

J was thrown to the ground by what felt like a tiger. It took him a moment to realize Drakmor had thrown him onto the floor with a punch. That had hurt, too! Pain spread across his stomach, but J stayed awake this time. 

"Go get the girl, I'll deal with him," Drakmor told the woman.

Sage nodded. "Just lock him in the living quarters. Leopold will want to hear about the two of them if they are from that place." Then she left.

Living quarters? A whorehouse? "I'm not going to a whorehouse until I see Bell!" J shouted defiantly.

Oddly enough, Drakmor burst out laughing, though it sounded restricted, like he didn't want to laugh. "Whorehouse? You mean the living quarters? Are you used to whores, then?"

J sat up, rubbing his abdomen to soothe the pain it held. "What's a whore?"

"A whore is a girl who..." Drakmor trailed off, as if realizing something. "You really are from there aren't you?" He seemed thoughtful for a moment, then pulled off his cloak, revealing his arms. One was silver like the rest of his skin, but the other... Well, it was still silver, but it had the build of a sleek suit of armor that was fitted to be as small as possible. Was he a knight of some sort?

"I am like you, kid," Drakmor said, "So don't think about escaping. We need to see what you know."

And that's when J felt the room lurch. At first it jerked, as if detaching from the ground or whatever it was on, then it simply swayed like something in the air would.... Wait... J looked around frantically, noticing the curve of one of the walls in the room. 

They were on an airship!

The End

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