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The ominous sound of thunder rolled across the cloud spattered sky, sparks of lightning flashed through the puffy clouds almost seeming as if they were lashing out in a fit of rage. The sounds of animals echoed through the vegetation, a lone wolfs howl an owls hoot and the flurry of prey sub coming to the jaws of the predator.

I became suddenly aware of the rustle of leaves and slightly muted footsteps sneaking through the night, coming at me from behind.

Even though my mind registered the encroaching danger, I remained nonchalant. Fear eluded me and panic danced away from me.

I remained a blank page, waiting for the right sentence to give the emotion that so few experience in their face of danger. I wanted to feel fear or maybe anticipation for the upcoming confrontation, that no matter how many protests I attempt to voice the danger loomed ever closer and closer, like the raging clouds that hid the joyous light of the stars.

The stealthy footfalls got closer. Sounding only meters away, hidden within the shadows of the trees.

I unsheathed the sword that rested on my hip. The blade of the Katana whispered against the scabbard, sounding somehow amplified through the forest.

The footsteps faltered, only a slight hesitation that, had I not been so attuned to them I would have missed the small sound.

I gripped the Katana, and swung it in an arc in front of me, warming up my wrists and letting the incomer know that I’m armed.

The katana swirled in a cascading kaleidoscope, bouncing the dark colours of nature and the bright lights of the lightning along the blade.

I watched as the figure slowly emerged from the shadows of the trees, and came to halt just shy of the small sliver of moonlight that rested on the forest floor.

The outline of the figure looked male, with broad shoulders, a trim waist and long legs, but the way the figure had glided out of the shadows with feminine grace, it's as if the figure was performing some sort of dance, only this was a dance that finishes in death.

The End

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