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He grabbed my coat sleve and pulled me out of the way before she saw us. he looked at me, with the same face he used to when chell stole cake out of the fridge. " What do you think your doing? you really want her to see us? " he said, as he looked into the edge of the window to find her just compleateing the test.

" Well, why not? i mean- i would be overjoyed to know what there where more humans in here. i bet shes just lonley. " He Gave me the same look and continued to walk to where he was originaly going, before i stopped him.

We went thogh some abandoned offices, i saw my desk, with the old 1970's computer. ( We created an ASHPD ut we still used floppy disks. - sigh -   Before i could gather the air i wasted during this long ( and kindof fast paced ) Walk i knew what he was talking about. She was the last one.

" Chell, is the last one here.  thee  last human, if SHE finds out where still alive then well be put into testing too. " he looked worried. and i knew, the haunted past hes had EXSPESHALY in those chambers, that pour unfortuneate guy.

The End

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