[[ chapter 5 ]]

When i said work his eyes light up. y- you work here, he muttered as he stopped painting and seemed to stare at the wall. U-mm yah, well before the facility got destroyed. i used to work i- before i said anything he grabbed my shoulder and got up. and started walking, takeing me with him.

U-umm.. doug? are you okay, i exclamed as he dragged my feet into the floor thus making my brases sink into my skin farther. he did'int say anything and looked focused. once we where at this location ( ive never been around here so it was all up to him to show me the way out )

he showed me into a window, where there was a testing chamber and in it, the thought once escaped Chell. now, i knew Chell from when we where kids. maybe she remembers me? i would'ent know. 

Then, she saw us and almost fell into the dip while doing so. doug insisted of hiding, but i just stood there like a shocked moron.

The End

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