A strange surprise.

he just stood there. and looked at me, i think he was thinking about the fact that i look like i found a bunch of metal and desided to do a crappy cosplay out of it. i scratched my neck akwardly, which is what i do in random instances of silances.

who the hell are you? he asked me, his voice was stiff and  it kind of starteld me. it broght back the remaining memorys of us running around the office and bothering cave. that was great.

Im Achn. what are you doing all the way down here? he looked at me strange and shure enough anwserd back. hiding. he turned to face the wall he was currently painting on. im hiding from HER. this is one of the plaes she cant see us. and trust me, nether of us want to go ak in there.

in where? i asked handing him a bucket of orange paint. the testing inishiative, the place of which you just escaped from. i was now the one staring at him funny. Testing? no, i don't come from there. ive never really got the chance to work there i suppose.

The End

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