I sat down on a normalish looking cube. oddly, full of gel or someting. a couple seconds afterwards the cube was dragged ( quite violently ) away from me. makeing me and sevral other cubes fall to the ground.

I popped my head out from the pile of cubes and saw a man. his hair fluffy and wild, jet black maching his distorted pupils and light blue eyes i knew all too well.  his tattered lab coat as the same as mine, and his pants had a giant stain of blood on them.

he looked at me strange. i would too, he probly hasent seen another person in years. i continued to stand up, his eyes followed me. i leaned onto my knee and looked into his eyes. i think he was a bit startled to see me. he kind of jumped when i did so.

Softly, i said his name, hopeing that it could jog something it that scattered brain of his. D- Doug? i said, softly while trying not to startle him more.

The End

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