So it begins.

I woke up, finally. I think I might have been out a couple hours. but rest felt good, as being an insomniac meant I don't much sleep at all. I changed my now tattered lab coat That was so big, my hands where hidden very deep into the sleeve. I re attached my id number, of which didn’t display my long forgotten first name, and just my last name. some degrees and a little black and white bar thingy that you find on products. 

I redid my now scrambled belts to make them back to the way I like it. and attempted to fix the fluffy mess of purple humans call hair. I made my way out of the small office and decided to try to find a more habitable place to live in. 

After a couple of hours of walking, the braces on my legs where starting to dig into my skin. giving me a nasty blister and being able to see some meatal. I found a bunch of cubes and decided to rest on them.  


The End

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