An Introduction.

This is a slightly shourt story, about my Oc AChN. This is a Portal fan fiction.

It was black the only thing i could hear is the water streaming down beside me washing off my blood and the distant banging of the facilaty. i couldent feel anything at all. After laying on the ground for quite some time i tryed to pick myself up again. i went onto my knees and serched around for my glasses. There they where, with one lens missing. it was ok. its not like i needed that eye anywiays. i Picked myself up and survayed the area, i relise the dstance ive fallen. and how bad my arm was bleeding.

It must have been a couple hunderd storys. ive seen worse. at least, in this place. So i moved on. ive been doun here a couple times and i kind of know my way around here. my arm hurt like hell, as i poped in the metel bone that was sticking out. Sadly, this is one of my good days. After a large amount of time, i made my way into my home i was an old office covered in papers and sciace stuff. i layed doun on a bunch of slightly soft items a found around the facility, and shut off for the night.

The End

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