Before humanity, or the galaxies, the gods were created to take care of them. The Creator brought them into existence as helpers, just as he did everything else. They were just more powerful beings than simple mortals. Many of them either laugh at the mere mention of the Creator, or look up to him, knowing that he is superior. If any of the gods were to fall, things would go very wrong in the universe. So they are kept alive, made to live forever…no matter how cruel some of them may be.

One god that everyone knows of, is the god of death. Death is something that life cannot go on without. Every household, every civilization, every single creature that is given the gift of life, knows of death. It’s a fact that we aren’t able to make disappear. You can’t help but think about it, because you know that someday you will experience it, whether it’s seeing a loved one fall to it, or being the loved one that falls.

Pluto never did know either of his parents. Rae, the Titaness mother of fertility seemed to cease existing after his birth. After his two brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, he was the third and youngest to come into existence. Of course he was also the second most powerful of the three brothers. And he seemed to simply zap Rae of all her strength. Cronus disappeared along with Rae, and no one is sure if they’re simply dead or in a different dimension.

Pluto was most assuredly feared by the others. He himself didn’t know it though. Zeus, the oldest, began to separate the infant god from all of them. It started out with separation and neglect and then turned into emotional and mental abuse as he grew old enough to speak and think for himself, still unable to control his powers completely. He was afraid of his siblings and the others though. Zeus and Poseidon always seemed to tower over him making their presence all the more ominous and unwelcome.

The young god was not alone for long though. He befriended a god around the same age as him. Cupid. Cupid didn’t know his own parents either. Oracles did speak of the fact that there was a chance he was actually a half-brother of Pluto. Many say Rhea seemed to disappear after his birth, but it was a possibility that she was still very much alive and gave birth to a prophetic son, that being Cupid. Cupid was left with the older gods as well. They found him in a courtyard of Olympus, very soon after Pluto was handed to them. And they did the same to him as they did with Pluto.

Pluto and Cupid being each other’s only real comfort they stuck with one another through much. Cupid would always try and defend his friend whenever the other gods chastised him for no particular reason other than to keep their superiority to him in check. But when Cupid did this he would also end up getting hurt. Through the years Pluto would always tell his friend that he couldn’t keep defending him. It wouldn’t help either of them.

Down below the gods and Olympus, was Earth. Humans were building up the very first civilizations of Earth, after Adam and Eve were kicked from the garden years before. And Pluto was very curious about the mortals. He found them all to be extremely interesting, and intelligent.

One of the rules between all the gods was that they wouldn’t bother going down to Earth, in fear of becoming like that of a mortal. As their beliefs were still rather primitive, no one knew for sure if it would affect you at all. Pluto however wasn’t afraid of that. Anywhere was better than up here, where he was beaten for simply being around. In his twentieth year he visited Earth, without the knowledge of his older brothers, or anyone else.

After a day of sharing conversation with the humans and actually enjoying himself, as he learned more about them, he went back to Olympus. But he was caught unfortunately. Zeus was not at all amused. In fact he was outraged that Pluto defied him. And Pluto was not let off with a warning. He was punished.

“Take him to the dungeon. Get out the whip as well!” Those words hit the young god hard as he stood there staring up at his older brother. Though he had formed a certain dislike for both his brothers through the years, and for good reason, he still thought of them as being family. They were weren’t they? But in this moment he realized that they didn’t care. The look on his face showed the pure disbelief and fear he was feeling. ‘You’re my brother...I’m sorry I broke this rule, but it was just one rule…please…please don’t do this…Zeus, please…’ The pleading in his eyes spoke for him. He could only think these things, unable to speak as his throat closed up on him.

“I want him to understand that being mortal isn’t a breath of fresh air. He wants to fit in with them, we’ll take his powers away, and he can see how painful it is to be mortal. Open up the chamber and use everything you can. He has brought this upon himself, and he will suffer for his wrong doings just as we would.

You did wish to be treated as an equal among us, did you not, little brother?

Pluto had those words burnt into the back of his mind, remembering each of them as he was tortured. He even remembered how hard Cupid had tried to fight for him. How he’d almost used physical violence against Zeus only to be pulled back away from him as he screamed and snarled. “You can’t do this to him! He didn’t do anything wrong! He’s your brother! Not even you can be this cruel!” But they could.

The days blurred together. He was beaten to a pulp and then healed over so they could start again. And to make it worse it was Poseidon who did the torturing. When he was given a break from the whips and knives, he wasn’t actually given a break. Aphrodite took advantage of his weak state many times, forcing herself upon him whenever she got the chance.

Pluto didn’t know how long it had been since they started. And when they suddenly stopped, he didn’t know what else to expect. That’s when he was finally thrown into the Underworld. For days he laid down there still shaking from the torture, still traumatized by everything that had happened. He’d screamed his throat raw only for it to heal over once again and have it go sore to where he was practically coughing up blood. And now there was no other physical pain to expect. He was just down in this dark place, cold and alone. How many days had he just lain in a curled up ball, completely vulnerable, until he finally forced himself to get up? He didn’t know. He couldn’t count. But he’d do his job that he was supposed to.

Soul after soul came down that he would welcome to the peaceful and quiet place that was the Underworld. His only real companion down there was Cerberus. As the Underworld was rather heavy with emotions it was painful for him every now and then, his head throbbing from feeling all of these mortals different last thoughts and last feelings. But he got used to it. And now he even visited the mortal world to see how things grew.

Soon he and Cupid reunited and they spent time together, making themselves different human lives to see how the mortals lived for themselves.

Ever since everything that had happened Pluto never thought much of himself, or his wellbeing. And that meant he never thought it was really possible for anyone to care for him. It was a rarity for him to have genuine feelings for a girl he’d meet. But at a few points in history, he fell in love. And the girl would always fall in love with him as well. At these times he was really happy. He didn’t think so much about all the bad that had happened to him. He thought of the good that was happening now. But a few years into their relationship he’d always have to leave. He couldn’t stay. He’d watch her die and he was never able to deal with that. Watching everything die in front of him was horrible. He didn’t want to stay the same. He wanted to change. But he couldn’t. His immortality made it impossible.

And to make things worse he had nightmares. Awful nightmares. He barely got any sleep because of them. Memories of everything that happened came back to him in the dead of night making him wake up screaming, or unable to breathe. His mind was never clear. It was horrifying.

And he would try and end it sometimes. He would try everything; impalement, blood loss, poison. His body was always too tough. It didn’t matter what he did. He’d heal, his body would get rid of the chemicals, his body WASN’T MADE FOR DEATH. He was never supposed to die. He couldn’t. He was tired. Truly tired. Years and years would go by and he’d get more tired, unable to figure out what to do as he watched all the time pass by.

The god of death could not be consoled in any way. Pluto was alone, cold, fearful. He could feel everything, and yet after time he started to feel completely numb. And nothing, could be done.

The End

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