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The story of gods and monsters, humans and demigods. When two of the emptiest beings in the universe find reasons to live, they find that their weaknesses don't matter anymore. For though these two are gods, they have been hurt their whole lives through. But what does that matter now that they have light in their lives again? One god shows us that you can literally walk straight into the most important person in your life, while the other finds that light can glimmer even in the darkest of souls

Authors' Notes:

(Scroll down for "must read", the information that is essential to understanding the story. Also, please read the blurb just below.)

So, this whole idea came to us in bits and pieces. It began with a roleplay on Tumblr between two of our writers. Their characters interacted well, and gradually other characters were brought into this "universe" of sorts. As it currently stands, this story involves four writers, and if you are not one, we will kindly ask you not to post anything branching off of our collaborative story. Comments, ratings and recommendations are all well received! We all love talking about our characters with anyone who can stand us blabbing about them.


In role play on Tumblr, there are generally a lot of canonical characters from different shows. This led to the inclusion of Clara (Oswin) Oswald in this story, hence it's classification as fan fiction in that regard. We do not own Clara Oswald, the Doctor, Doctor Who, Matt Smith or Jenna Lousie Coleman. Had Clara been a character of our own invention, I'm sure the writers would have agreed that we could actually try and publish this as a novel. As it stands, this is as close as we will get.

While Alex is an original character, owned by one of our writers, we do not own any Marvel characters referenced in his background story. His parents are owned by Marvel entirely and we take no credit for that.

Nikita is a character owned by me (Padfoot) entirely. She belongs to the novel I am currently writing and planning on publishing in the future. In this regard also, this is all canon divergent from her story. 

All other characters in the story are owned by their original writers and as of this moment, none of the others have any intention of placing the characters in any published novel. The characters are here (online) to stay.

The role play blogs can be found here (WARNING: Spoilers to this story will be present there at all times should you choose to visit these blogs!!)


Must Read:

For the moment, the story follows three branches: Origin Stories, Not Enough Time and Beauty and the Beast. Origin Stories must be read first in order to gain knowledge about the characters from there. It will contain individual backgrounds on each of the characters. From there, you can either chose to pursue the Not Enough Time branch or the Beauty and the Beast branch first, though Not Enough Time is advisable to read first.

In time, these branches will connect though they will never be permanently together. The characters are all part of the same story, though there are many self contained bubble stories inside of this universe. Other branches will also come as the story develops and new characters are introduced. Don't worry about us getting confused, we've been developing this story for over half a year.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of us! Until the others post, I (Padfoot) will happily direct you to one of profiles here on Protagonize. I hope you all enjoy the story! We know we certainly do!

With love,

The End

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