Blessed Finis

"... It is out of necessity, in light of current situations, that from this point forward, all previous Secretist legislations, appointments, and proceedings of any kind be rendered null and void."

The Premiere hastily made a resignation & disbanding speech, then disappeared without a trace.  Just... went poof.  Last I heard, Henry was a janitor in the Swedish Embassy.  I don’t think he ever really forgave himself for what he did.

With some help, I helped to restore the Secretist world to normal, to global celebration.  Waves upon waves of people insisted I take over the top spot, but I declined.  What one person wants all that pressure?  Besides, power always gets to people's heads; I of all people didn't want want that temptation.  Finally, I gave in & became an aide to the Canadian Prime Minister.

Looking back, I was proud at what I’d helped to finally accomplish, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I had in my gut: they couldn't share in the freedom they'd gained.  They were gone.

We’d gained world liberation, but at a huge cost.

I took off my old hat and ran my fingers through my hair.  I glanced at the small ceramic statue of I'd had made of Patrick and the twins from a photograph I’d found in the old apartment.

A smile tugged at my mouth, bittersweet sentiments nipping at my heart.  I tipped my battered hat to them.

To their memories.

To their loyalty.

To their sacrifice.

I clutched Lily’s necklace that now hung around my throat.

It didn’t leave her, no matter what.

They wouldn’t leave me.

No matter what.

The End

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