Accursed Exits, Accursed Entrances

Everything stopped.  Completely frozen.

Paulie froze in mid-swing, dropping the chair behind him with an unusually loud clatter.  He backed up slowly.  I dropped whatever it was in my hand and clutched to Ezra, petrified.  I’d forgotten how it felt to be at the other end of a gun.

Everyone's eyes were glued to the Commissioner.  Even the guard who Paulie’d half beaten to death stopped his twitching to crane his neck & see the Commissioner.  I’d forgotten how menacing he could look, too.

He approached slowly, threateningly.  “Well, well, what a surprise. I thought it was just two pipsqueaks with the idea they could overthrow us."  He chuckled at the thought.  "But now I see that we have a murderous rebel & two slippery runaways."  He shook his head, making a tsk tsk sound.  "We just simply can’t have that.”

A pin drop would’ve sounded like an explosion at the moment. The only noises I could hear was the ragged breathing of the guard on the floor & my heart.  My shaking hand slid up to clutch my necklace.  It

“Now, which would we rather: slow & extremely agonizing, or quick & relatively painless?”

“What are you talking about?” Paulie barked.  I jumped hearing his normally carefree voice so stern.

The Commissioner laughed.  “Why, your exits of course!”

Henry chose this moment to make his “grand” entrance.  Every eye turned to him, and not many were friendly.

I barely withheld a scream.

The End

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