Blessed Authority


I rushed my cabinet up the stairwell. Eight was falling a bit behind, seeing as his asthma had been acting up lately. The old codger… He'd be gone soon.

After the matter of Henry’s fate had been dealt with, to quite satisfactory results in my mind, I could finally release my plans of letting my advisers see me eradicate the two nuisances that had recently plugged up the Secretists’ operations.

But they wouldn't anymore...

“Let’s go! We’re almost there!”

I sped into the room, expecting there to be great fuss. Those twins were never ones to cooperate, I remembered.

But, as I walked in, it appeared the guards were already setting up the table of lethal injections inside the prison… The steel door leading to the row of prisons was wide open. One of them would have to be fired for that.

Mental note filed, I walked inside.

I would have never expected to see what I saw in that moment.

That idiot guard that let my son get shot in the head was being beaten over the head with a metal chair by some large man in the hallway between the prisons! I vaguely remembered him as a leader of the Resistance a few years back. One of the twins were looking around frantically, trying to find a place to hide the unconscious body of another guard, as her brother leaned against the wall.

They were escaping!

“HALT!” I yelled, as the rest of my surprised cabinet blundered in through the door behind me, and I trained a gun on one of the escapees.

And you know what?

Everyone did.

The End

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