Accursed Memory

I couldn’t take my eyes off the gun in her hand.  I remembered all too well the last time one had been in her possession, and had been pointing in my direction. My hand drifted to the side of my head where she'd grazed me.  The mark still stung.

She spoke in a threateningly even voice, “Back up Jack.”

I couldn’t think. “But… but m-my n-name’s not J-Jack…” I heard my voice stutter dimly.

I froze when I heard the piercing sound of the cocking weapon.

“My friend and I,” she said menacingly, “say your name is Jack, & we’d like you to back up.”

I couldn’t make myself move, petrified as I was.  Was she nuts?  No, was she out of her frickin' mind?  Did she realize she’d seal her fate as a dead woman if she fired?

“You recall,” she continued, “I barely missed last time I shot.  Well, that shot happened to be practice, & I can assure you my next shot will be on right on target.”

I gulped at that slow, threatening way she spat "right on target."  I didn’t need telling twice. I let them pass.

Once Lily & the ragamuffin scurried down the stairs, I’d regained my nerves, & I realized what I’d just done.  Dad's going to kill me when he finds out!

Unless I make up for it.

I realized what I had to do.

Quickly, furtively, I followed.

The End

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