Back Way Out

I grinned as I dropped, cat-like, to the floor.

“Wouldja believe it?” I scoffed.  “The Secretists have every last frickin street corner bugged, troops crawling everywhere, and their own headquarter air vents are completely open!  What’s wrong with this picture?!” I whispered, mocking indignation.

“But… bu-but h-how…?” she stuttered.  I held my hand up.

“Long story, I’ll explain later.  C’mon, let’s get you out of this thing!” I slid a bobby pin out of my sleeve and picked the elbow cuff’s lock, which sprung the rest open. Lily tumbled into my arms.  She gave a cry, then looked up at me in surprise.

“Hey! Easy, there!” I playfully protested.  I tipped her up to feet. “C’mon, let’s find Ezra. I have a feeling I know where he is, and it just so happens that I know a back way out.”

I felt behind one of the wall panels, quickly finding the opening to a hidden stairwell.

I grabbed her hand, and we began our clandestine desent.

Y'ever get that feeling when it's really quiet?  That feeling that something bad's gonna happen if you go around that dark corner?  I just couldn't shake that feeling, creeping down those narrow stairs a few steps in front of Lily.

Halfway down the second flight, we rounded a corner, and we nearly ran into the Premiere hurrying up the very same stairs.

His face, a second ago smugly complacent, suddenly contorted into fear.  Curious, I slowly turned to see Lily with a revolver trained on his chest.  My eyes widened in shock at seeing both a gun in her hand and to see that expression on her face.

She did not look like she wanted to be crossed.

The End

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