Accursed Lies


Struggling against the Tite-Ropes had been a bad idea. The more you struggled, the closer they wrapped themselves around you. My heart was battling against the metal bonds, trying to push my blood underneath the ropes..

“GHU! GHAUUAAH !” The gag kept its firm resolve to stop any punctuated sound coming from my mouth. I could taste the dirtiness of the once-white rag as the cotton crowded my mouth.

Finally, I heard the door open, and a glimmer of brightness crept into the dark cloth covering my eyes.


Forgetting about the Tite-Rope, I rocked the chair back and forth while screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to make as much noise as possible.

A sadistic laughter wove itself through the room at my futile attempt as the cords wove themselves more tightly across my body.

“Enjoying your luxury stay, Ezra? We picked the best accommodations for you…”

My silent fury started when I heard who's voice it was.

“It’s a pity your sister couldn’t make it… Such a pity my guards had to shoot her when she threatened to kill me…”

“YUHLYERH!!!” I knew he wasn't telling the truth! He couldn't be!

“Haha! I knew you wouldn’t fall for it… But that’s not saying it isn’t a complete lie… I may have a few guards stationed with guns against her head… And one of them especially is eager to be done with her after he almost lost his job because of her little stunt a while back… Remember that? When your sister tried to kill me?”

As soon as he took the gag off to let me speak, I knew all hope was lost and answered, “What do you want?”

The End

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