This was going perfectly: We tracked the mic receiver, we re-apprehended Lily & word was they’d found her brother or an accomplice.  But it didn't matter, it was some part of the Resistance.

Whilst in my reverie, Lily was shackled, with some difficulty, to the wall, her forearms in a straight line with her shoulders, elbows bent.  I waved my hand for her ankles to be restrained as well.  I'd considered placing her in the high security containment unit, but I thought better.  She could put up a fight, but when under control she was relatively harmless.  Didn't want to waste space on a non-threat.  Besides, when we captured the other, there was no telling what the two together would do.

“Well, my dear cousin, no propositions from you, eh?” I asked complacently.  She just looked at me, half furious, half frightened.  I sauntered over to her, allowing my smirk to spread.

What’s she thinking? I mused, glancing at her.  I paced slowly, feeling her wide brown eyes watching my every move.  “I have to think of the conditions of release when we capture him.”

She shot me a look that I interpreted to be, You mean if you catch him.

“Oh no, I mean ‘when’ we capture beloved Ezra."  I paused my pacing, resting my chin on my propped hand.  "How about this: tell us what everything we want to know, and he might be able to have his dear sister back.  If not?  Well…”  I let the proposition hang in the air, trying to restrain a snicker.  Her eyes widened fearfully.

One of the young secretaries poked his head in.  “My Premiere! We’ve captured Ezra!  Which containment unit?”

"High-security," I answered.  My smirk became an all-out grin.  “I’ll be right back,” I said suavely, turning my back on a petrified Lily.

I had some negotiations to take care of.

The End

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