Accursed Alley

I was almost at the meeting point.

St. Andrew’s church loomed over me as I pushed my way through the crowded market square. The dark shadow helped conceal my hasty rush through the throng of impatient shoppers from the policemen searching behind me. It looked like the food shortage problem was on the rise from the long lines and empty stalls as tired-looking and haggled men working the stalls tried to explain that they had no food.

Gah! Faster, Ezra! Conecntrate! Lily’s probably already waiting for you!

I could only hope she was okay. She had chosen the trickiest route, but only she could travel through the small spaces along the way… Neither Paulie nor I could have fit through the gap in the fence that was part of it.

Many eyes looked my way as I pushed past an poor, elderly couple, knocking the woman’s purse to the ground.

But I didn’t stop to help her pick it up. I couldn't! For all I knew, Paulie and Lily were already waiting for me!

A stretch of open ground revealed itself in front of my feet, and I ran across the short gap. Almost there! I could see the alley were the hideout was! Right next to the church!

And there was Paulie! He had just slid into the alley!

With a new burst of energy, I pushed through the last remnants of the crowd in front of me. Finally, I reached the narrow street and looked behind my back to make sure that I hadn't been followed. The policemen were nowhere to be seen!

Until I turned my eyes back to the alleyway to see five of them holding Paulie at gunpoint.

The End

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