Turn of Events

“Dang,” I muttered a few minutes after I’d recovered, “mic went dead.”  I pulled a small receiver out of my ear.  Paulie & Ezra gave me odd looks.  “I had a surveillance mic in the Premiere’s office,” I explained hastily.

What?!” they asked in unison, bewildered & confused.

“Oh, I forgot to mention; after I was captured, I gave him the impression that I turned traitor to the Resistance, & became his advisor.”

“But…” Paulie stuttered, trying to put it mildly, “but, um, you’re a…”

“Girl, I know.  I disguised myself & lopped off my hair.”  I extended the limited lengths of my hair.  "Hence the choppy ends."

Ezra tousled my hair. “You always were a brilliant actress.”  I beamed.

“I figured this would be the best way to learn ins & outs of the Secretists.  But he became suspicious, and then Pat was captured.  After I caught wind that he was onto us, I switched on the mic I'd planted, just in case, and Ezra and I split.  Now that he's discovered we're missing it sounds like he’s madder than hell trying to find us.”

“I thought the mic was in his office...?” Ezra asked, confused.

“With all the racket he was making, I’m surprised we didn’t hear it out here without the mic.”  I nearly laughed.

Paulie began shifting uneasily.  Finally he stood up, leaning against the wall.  He sighed.  “Well, this is an interesting turn of events.  The way I see it, your penetration with this mic could be very beneficial to us, or it could very well lead to our demise.”

The End

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