Accursed Bluntness

“Now before you two get into anything interesting,” I began, “I have a question for you: what are your names?  I think it'd be most beneficial to call you two by name.”  Before they could immediately answer, however, Pounder leaped up onto the couch right between them.  She shrunk back a bit, but he simply plopped his huge head into her lap and gave her his sweetest look; soon enough she was petting him, much to his satisfaction.

The explanation: she was Lily, he was Ezra, & they were twins.  I knew it!  I thought to myself, doing an imaginary fist pump.  But I merely nodded, loving my intuition at that particular moment.

“How are you involved with the Resistance?” Ezra asked.

“I was Patrick Lansing’s right hand man for a spell.  I helped him in more than a few schemes, & he offered me a room for a while. After a while, I felt I wasn’t doing enough, so I struck out on my own, reporting back to Pat every once in a while.”

“Funny you should mention Pat," Ezra said cautiously, glancing at his sister.  "We’ve been living with him for a while.”  At the mention of Patrick Lily got this odd look in her eye.  Her lip quivered.

Ignoring it, I exclaimed, “Oh!”  Then I bluntly asked, “So how’s Pat been these days?”  A single tear rolled down Lily’s cheek as she gave a cry & lunged for her brother, nearly knocking Pounder off the couch.  Ezra then explained that they’d been captured, as had Pat, & ultimately met his finis at the hands of the Premiere.

An odd mournful rage welled up inside me after his words.  My dog gave a sobbing whimper.  I shook my head, for once in my life at a loss for words, as Ezra comforted his poor sister.

The End

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