Explanations and Introductions

I stared in shock, glancing between my sister & this lanky, scruffy stranger.  I was glad all that he was on our side, but I had to admit I was in the same boat as Lily.

I, however, happened to be a bit more verbally coordinated that she at this moment.

“Why in heaven or hell,” I began, struggling to keep my voice even, “did you push us out of a train?!”

He shrugged carelessly.  “Well, I couldn’t just say ‘Please exit the train before it has come to a complete stop at the next Secretist warehouse, & thank you for choosing Premiere Railways,’ now could I?  Might'a caused some suspicion, wouldn'cha say?”

“Yeah,” Lily argued, “but a moving train?

“We were slowing down, it wasn’t like we fell outta the sky,” he continued, shrugging off his long tattered trench coat and tossing it on the couch.  “Besides, if I hadn’ta tackled you two, you woulda been at the Secretist Headquarters, probably without a mind in your head, if ya know what I mean.”

He was right.  If it hadn't been for him, we might've been dead, or worse.  I mumbled a thank you, as did Lily.

“My pleasure,” he said, with a dramatic sweeping bow.  “Always glad t'help a fellow Resistor.”

“So now we you’re with us,” I began.

“We might as well know your name,” Lily finished, sharing the sentence.

"Well, quite the synchronization there, heh?"  He smiled, removed his cap & nodded his head.  “Caster’s the name. Paulie Caster.”

The End

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