Blessed Fate

I watched the two from behind my hiding place.

This wasn’t the first time I had almost been caught.

They appeared to be siblings from the way they communicated almost wordlessly, perhaps even twins, seeing as they both looked around the same age.

The girl was just a small wisp of a person. Her petite form, a little below average height, shivered against her brother's chest. Her short, brown hair, apparently hastily cut by the jagged edges, framed her equally brown eyes and small lips.

The boy was slightly larger, but still slim. His body had a swimmer's build, strong but small. He also had the same brown hair, though a bit shorter, and eyes as his sister. His face seemed to have a constant impish look about it, but his eyes were filled with fear as he cradled the girl, soothing her with soft murmurs.

I calmed my breathing to a steady pace, keeping it shallow so that I wouldn’t be detected. I had my body under total control.

They looked like they were in trouble. Probably got on the wrong side of the Secretist Party like half of the world.

Psh! The Secretists could all die for all I cared! The Resistance would live on no matter what! It didn’t matter that I was the last one alive! It didn't matter that they had raided all of our bases and slaughtered all of my closest friends and family! It would live on!

And then something happened in the train car that caught my eye immediately.

The boy had just flashed the Resistance sign with his fingers. The crossed fingers forming the letter R from an old system of talking with your hands... The right hand forming a fist... The crossed fingers pounding into the rock...

And his sister flashed it back with a sad smile on her lips.

I couldn’t believe it! It… it couldn’t be!

I wasn’t the only Resistor left!

The End

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