Accursed Luxury

“The big sissy… he shouldn’t have flinched,” I stewed, crossing my arms and curling up in the corner.  After I'd fired we made a break for the nearby freight train stop and hopped a boxcar.

Ezra sighed, but smiled.  “I have to admit Lily, you had pretty good aim for not having shot in a while.”

“It would’ve been a heck of a lot better if somebody didn’t jerk at the last second.”

He threw up his hands.  “Hey, I don’t blame him.  I actually give him credit for doing as well as he did.  I don’t think he’s ever been shot before, by a girl no less!” He gave me a playful shove.

I smirked.  But my dim happiness was rather short lived as my brain gave way to a new thought: Now what?

What would happen to us? Patrick was taken from us.  The rest of the Resistance, besides Ezra and I, were long gone.  Taking Ezra's injuries and my outfit into account, I figured we’d be pretty easy to spot out there, Ezra especially.

“Aw, Ezra, what are we gonna do?” I cried, burying my head in my arms.

Ezra placed his hand on my shoulder. “We’ll think of something.”

“But what we run out of time to think of something?" I spluttered.  What if it gets us caught? What if…?”

He quietly shushed me.  “That’s a chance we’re just going to have to take.  We can’t speculate and doubt.   That’s just a luxury we can’t afford anymore.”

The End

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