Blessed Final Wish


But she didn’t understand. Her tears flew down her face, and when she looked at me, I felt my heart twinge…

She loved me so much that she was willing to spare the existence of the Resistance for me…

But I couldn’t let her do that! I couldn’t! I would do anything to stop it!

And I would do anything to save her.

But my body held me back once again. I couldn’t even lift my finger…

I cursed mentally, tears streaming down my face. All of my life's work would amount to this last moment.

My eyes gazed around for something, anything, that I could do to stop this moment from happening!

Then I saw it. I knew what I could do.

The safety pins!

I tried to direct Lily’s attention to the open pins lying on the bed side table, but she had already started to tell him little things about us.

I heard her mumble something about the apartment, and some of the escape routes we had used. Her eyes, red with salty tears, didn't pay attention to anything but the wet ground below.

It looked like I was on my own.

I struggled against myself with all my might to move my finger.

I felt my heart speed up, my lungs tightened.

My body battled against itself. The chemicals they had put in my body were wearing off! I could feel it!

My brain started to regain control. But it was still not enough...

I felt my entire body start to itch from the pressure, and I kept going on.

For Lily! For Ezra! For the Resistance!

With all of my remaining will, I directed my hand into one… small… movement!

My finger flew across the room, putting a safety pin in front of her on the ground.

It was done.

It was in Lily's hands.

As the chemicals once again took over my body and I took my last breath, I saw Lily’s understanding eyes, and knew it was going to be okay...

The Resistance would go on...

The End

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