Accursed Contemplation

I kept my eyes locked on the trembling girl, her own eyes flitting from myself, to Lansing, to the gun in my hand.  Behind those brown eyes a tempest of loathing, fear, & pleading raged within.  Her face contorted a few times before she could speak.

“How do you know if what I tell you is true?” she spat with contempt.

“Believe me," I answered as evenly as I could, "I can spot a liar from a mile off."

“Why do you have to do this?” she cried in despair.

“You left me no choice.  I, we, need the information, & this seems to be the only way to pry it from you.  I gave you more than your fair share of chances, and you just let them pass.”

A cloud darkened her light face. She was deeply considering her options. I could tell she wouldn’t betray her cause, but could she easily give up her only family?  I can honestly say I’d think the same thoughts if I was on her end of the predicament.  We are related after all.

But, at the same time, there was only one choice, in my eyes.  Why try keeping a lost cause alive, when either way defeat is inevitable?  Why not just end it with as few consequences as possible?

Lansing tried to speak, but his paralysis was so complete he could only utter guttural cries in his throat.  For a man with his life on the line, he was taking this pretty well.

Finally, she dropped to her knees in defeat.  “What do you want to know?”

The End

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