Blessed Position

I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d pulled an all-nighter fixing a sort of corset to throw off obvious suspicions (I was thanking my ingenuity and my, ahem, small size), & now here I was in a Cabinet uniform, a black ensemble with a Mandarin-collared scarlet sleeveless duster, standing at ease behind the third most powerful man in the world.

So far no one was the wiser.

I tried to keep an expression of slightly bored interest, but I held onto every single word.  They were discussing energy supplies, but I filed it all away as useful information.  Who knows?  Maybe we'd have to kill lights in a compound, or divert electricity at some point in the future.

“So I see you found an advisor, sir?” one of the Cabinet members inquired to Henry after the meeting, eyeing me.

“I did," he answered with a nod.  "And I think he’ll be just fine.”

“What is your name?” another asked me. I froze; I forgot to think of a name!

“Lazlo,” I stuttered.

“Really?” The Cabinet raised its eyebrows. “Odd name.”

I shrugged easily. Phew.  Close call.

“You did quite nicely,” Henry whispered to me after the meeting.

“Why thank you, sir,” I replied suavely.  We merged into a crowded entryway.  "If I may say so, you did rather well yourself."

"Why thank you."  We kept walking.  “You said you sing tenor,” he said rather suddenly. “Could you maybe sing something?”

“Gladly.” I began to sing some little ditty I knew as we passed by a small clump of Cabinet members. I drew quite a few glances.

“What’s up with him?” they asked amongst themselves.

The End

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