Blessed Opportunity, Accursed Small Sacrifice

“I heard through the grapevine you’re in desperate need of an advisor. What if I were to be your advisor?

Henry raised an eyebrow in surprise. “You’d turn so suddenly?”

“What does it matter?  I mean, like you said, I’m one of the most trusted on the other side. But that doesn't mean I haven't considered the Resistance's futility.  I just might decide to give the information you so desire."  I let my words sink in for a few moments.  "You need an advisor to stay in your spot, do you not?”

He nodded, lost in thought.  “I do.”

“And you like your position, I assume?”

I couldn’t help but notice a smile grace his lips. “I must admit, I do. Especially all the in’s and out’s, you know?”

“I would like to,” I muttered under my breath.  Then I quickly asked, “What do you say?”

He hesitated.  “But your a girl.  Girls aren’t allowed in posts.”

I sighed.  I was afraid he’d bring that up.  I twisted my hair into a hasty braid & pulled out my pocketknife.  Taking a deep breath I braced myself and cut through my thick ponytail, letting it fall to the floor.  “I can pass for a tenor, you know,” I said, lowering my voice to demonstrate.  "So do we have a deal?"

He considered for a few moments.  “Alright,” he said finally. “We have a deal.”

As we shook hands, I plunged my crossed fingers into my pocket with the faintest trace of a smirk, recalling the words: "I will follow where they go.  I will learn their little secrets, I will know the things they know."

The End

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