Accursed Interrogation, Blessed Message

“Won’t you tell me anything?” he asked, exasperated.

Henry tried to pry as gently as he could, but even his patience of steel couldn’t hold out much longer.

I shook my head.

“Come now, Lily, why so stubborn?  Are you dragging Ezra into this?”

“Why does he matter to you?”

“Unfortunately, he’s my leverage. Do you think I want to be interrogating my cousin?”

“How should I know?” I huffed. “You know how 'trusted' we are in the Resistance.  For all I know, you could just be stalling me while someone slowly and painfully disposes of Ezra.”  I paused a moment.  "Is he okay?" I asked frantically.

“He’s stable, he’ll be fine,” he answered with a shrug.

I sighed in relief.  Then an idea came over me.  “I’m considered a prisoner, right?" I asked thoughtfully.  "I should get one outgoing communication, should I not?”

He hesitated. “I guess.”

I asked him, to his surprise, to bring in a radio with Morse capabilities.  An old clunker of a radio was dragged in, but it would do.

I mean, if I could make a receiver from a shoebox and a pile of parts, I could make an ancient radio work.

Deftly I began turning knobs on the thing.  Ah, there was the frequency I needed.  I began quickly tapping a coded message to Pat in Morse/Urdu/Swahili, informing him I was safe, I had been captured, but that I had a plan.

The Morse code “experts” who had followed the clunker were baffled.

I turned back to Henry after I completed my message and the radio was dragged out.  “Now,” I began. “I have a bargain to strike with you.”

He turned his head, eyeing me curiously.  “Go on.”


The End

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