Accursed Luck

I was done.

Enough moping.

I couldn't hide forever, and I knew something went wrong. Neither Ezra nor Lily had answered back, and it wasn't in their nature to forget such important things that easily.

Not unless their forgetfulness was helped by some outside force...

And I had a very good idea of what that outside force was...

I started stuffing everything I knew I might need into my ragged travel pack: clothes, food, flashlight, rope, lighter, blanket, and a few safety pins.

It was amazing how many things could be done with a single safety pin!

I took one last panoramic glance at our small home, the empty, abandoned apartment we had been so lucky to find. So lucky…

Where had our luck gone?

The apartment had been a blessing that first year. Easily hidden, right in the middle of the city where no one would suspect a thing...

The thread-bare couch, the home of many pillow fights between Lily and Ezra, sat on the worn floor. The kitchen, once occupied with cans of food, not enough to cal a feast but enough to call daily sustenance, lay fallow and fruitless after the recent pilferage and the lack of funds.

All of the memories, both good and bad, seemed to bounce from wall to wall, flooding my senses with a plethora of images, smells, and sounds.

I filed those thoughts into the back of my mind, and left quickly, shutting the door behind me, setting the alarm, and setting off to find my two companions.

Hopefully, I could make our luck change.

The End

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