Accursed Relations

I twinged.  Something was dreadfully wrong.

Ezra, my twin brother! I was supposed to meet him!  Something had happened!

I shuddered.

“Cold?” Henry asked in concern.  I drew my knees to my chest, not answering.  He folded his arms with a humph. “You know it’s rude to ignore authority.”

“Where’s Ezra?” I asked sharply.

He started. “Beg pardon?”

“Where is Ezra? Something happened to him, what is it?”

I was about to press further when a State Messenger scurried into the room, nodding respectfully to Henry. “The Commissioner would like to speak you sir,” he mumbled hurriedly, handing Henry a flat communication screen emblazoned with the Commissioner’s seal.

“Yes sir?” he asked as the Commissioner’s image appeared.

Strange, he looks familiar…

“We've apprehended one end of communication. You have the other?”

“Yes sir,” he answered, glancing at me.

“Anything yet?”

“No sir.” Henry’s mouth twisted ever so slightly.  His eyes flitted from me to the screen slyly.  “We’ll keep trying, Father.”

I balked. No wonder they looked familiar: It was Uncle Lex!  He was the Commissioner!

And Henry was his son!

The End

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