Accursed Persuasion

I’d seen my fair share of pictures of him before, but he looked different without all the pomp and circumstance.

His keen eyes, dark hair, and slender face gave him a naturally trenchant aura.  A tall lean figure lent itself to a regal bearing.

Which suited him perfectly, given his position.

Although there was something about him that seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it....

I nodded to myself, trying to fathom it all.

“So, it is clear you’ve heard of me,” Henry began, circling me very slowly, arms folded behind his back.  “And as it so happens, I’ve heard about you.”  Traces of a smile shadowed the corners of his lips.

“Really? I wasn’t aware that I was known,” I retorted quietly.

His eyebrows arched in mild amusement. “So she can speak.  Yes, I have about you, Lily."  I barely kept myself from starting when he said my name.  "You are  the niece of a very prominent officer, and are also rumored to be one of the most trusted of the Resistance. In fact, so trusted you reside with your leader Patrick Lansing.”

“You have that much,” I confessed. He nodded, satisfied.

“However, there are several points about the Resistance which are still quite unclear to me.  Points that are much more specific and in-depth than what can be seen from outside of the organization.  I was hoping you could fill in the blanks.”

He was eyeing my necklace with a knowing eye as he passed behind me.  My hand traveled up to it slowly as a thin veneer of protection.  A thin smirk began to spread on his face.

“Don't worry.  It doesn’t have to hurt," he  cooed suavely, placing his hands on my trembling shoulders.  "Not like last time.”

The End

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