What. A. Night. Emotional questions from Abbey AND a late night. What was going on round here these days? I suppose Abbey's abit worried because we'll be going to different colleges next year. We've been together since primary.

I tied my hair back and looked at the inside of my elbow. I looked at the scar every morning, I had no idea why, but I think that if I looked at it often enough the memory of how I got it would hit me in the face. But the predicament is, I never do remember where I got it. Dad says he thinks I was born with it, unfortunatley he's not too sure, he was working most of the time then but since mum. I stopped myself there, I didn't want to get all emotional in case Abbey woke up. She has enough problems as it is without her worrying about me too.

Abbey stirred and let out a great sigh where she was lyeing on the floor. I laughed at how she was positioned, arms streched out with her legs all curled up to her chest. She usually sleeps here. Family trouble. Dad doesn't mind though he thinks I get lonely. Abby's practically part of the family anyway.

The End

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