The upset among Gods

Popvon was the queen of fertility and so was used as a breeding tool for the other gods. Bulzmen, god of storms was the son of her and Verukag whilst Gleischen god of snow was the offspring of her and Waquam.

Bulzmen caused rain when the plants failed to grow but was very short-tempered. Gleischen had the power to turn anything his father made solid and frozen. Waquam said his son was a useless god, no good could come from a power that rendered a neccesity in life useless. To prove his power Gleischen made it snow, hail and freeze for a long time. (I believe this is a reference to the Ice Age)

Waquam was furious but had bigger issues, his brother. While Waquam wanted to expand the beautiful seas,  Terrum wanted to expand the land. The two had a battle between land and sea that lasted thousands of years causing the outline of the land to constantly change (the shifting of the tectonic plates). This created mountains, deserts and coastal erosion. This bitter war eventually ended the Ice Age and Waquam banished his son to the land of no sun (Arctic. The Miffantiks had sailed to the Arctic in the winter months when the sun does not rise. It was so cold they left and must have invented this tale of the way home)

The troubles, however were far from over

The End

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