Life on Earth

In the time that the Miffantiks roamed the earth, women were treated in a prejudice manner. So, it seemed normal for this race to think of a goddess to be passed around just to give birth to gods.

Her first offspring was dubbed the elementals. Quadruplets who were blessed by the gods upon birth to help to people on earth. The child gods and goddesses were named Verukag, Waquam, Terrum and Flanzen. Only the latter was a girl. As gods they matured more quickly than mortals and had become true adult gods by the time thier father and spun the earth once (24 hours to us)

Verukag gave the people fire to keep them warm while Waquam began poaring lakes and oceans for them to drink. There were some lakes that he created that look his fancy. He did not want the people to drink these so cursed them to make them taste salty and undrinkeable. Terrum gave new earth to the people while Flanzen dropped seeds into the new earth. When Waquam splashed the earth, plants grew bearing fruits that the people could eat. Flanzen also made life that was edible to the mortals. The seven gods had created a perfect home for the people.

The End

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