How the world was made

The Miffantiks believed the sun was the most powerful thing in the universe as it is the ultimate source of energy. This lead to the theory that the sun must have created the universe.

The sun lived in space all alone, so he (because the Sun is apparently male) created five planets to keep him company (the miffantiks did not know of Saturn, Uranus or Neptune.) He spread them out and made them circle around him so he could always watch them. Earth was the perfect distance away and the earth love her very much. He blessed her with the second most powerful thing in existence, a god-like being with power rivalled only be its creator. This was how King God Regnex was born. His sister, Popvon was also created but with little power compared to her almighty brother. Regnex ruled the universe and looked after it, leaving a weak Popvon alone and bored.

To reduce her boredom she created miniature being designed from her image, minus the never aging youth. She gave them feelings and life and let them roam around the bare planet of earth. When Regnex returned he found the people and fell madly in love with one of them, he named her Meregina. He blessed her with immortality and never ending fertility so that he could have many children from her.

Regnex's children made the earth what it is today

The End

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