According to the Miffantiks

The myths and legends of an ancient race

I am an archaeologist and last year began work in Szeged Hungary. Whilst searching in sites of previous interest I happened upon a book. Yes, a book. It was seventeen pages long and was tied together at one end like a modern book. Carbon dating proved it to be nearly 5000 years old. A book found in Bulgaria was over 3000 years old and written in Etruscan, this was written in a language lost to time: Miffantik.

The book was so old it was unable to be read, but in the area near it, underground palaces and villages were found. Priceless artifacts and valuable information was at my feet. I was instantly drawn to a large slab of gold which was inscribed with a story in Miffantik. The language was a combination of German and Etruscan with some words stolen from the Romans. Our best people managed to translate it and reveal the secrets of the Miffantiks.

These ancient people believed in a variety of gods and blamed them for the marvels of the universe. They did not have as many as the Greeks or Romans but there may be more than we know.

Read on to find out the amazing tales and myths of the Miffantiks 

The End

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