A Marriage ProposalMature


Today is the day of my sister’s marriage with Gabe, who is by her side and my parents (they weren’t giving them any other choice). They weren’t giving him the chance to ditch to go see any other person than my sister, that’s where I made a mistake I trusted Gabe. We all learned a lesson from that experience.

I stayed at her wedding because I was forced luckily my parents gave me the choice not to be one of my sister’s brides maid, that would have been a cruel joke.

It felt like forever the church and we had the reception and party at Hotel 21, they had a grand party room. It was cocktail hour and I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I was chocking and was being swamped by questions from our friends of the family.

I was tired of being asked why my sister had married my fiancée, why did I break it off with Gabe, and how did I feel about their relationships.

I had to leave but my parents and their friends would think that I can’t handle their relationships, and I don’t like it. They wouldn’t be wrong I don’t like how Gabe had an affair with my sister behind my back, was reckless enough to get her pregnant, and how my sister keeps telling me that was she feels for Gabe is love and he feels the same for her.

I don’t think he does love her, what I think that Gabe is good at making people think that he loves them. He’s good at faking it.

I needed a smoke, I told the guests that I had a migraine and I was going to my room which I had already ready in the hotel. Everyone I got migraines often they were always severe I fainted once from a migraine.

I left the suffocating room and went to the highest floor I knew that there was access to the roof from there. It was 17 floors up; I focused on my breathing as the elevator went up.

Once I heard the ding I opened my eyes and headed to the stairs I started smoking as I got their smoking was my stress reliever these days I smoke more often.

I know it’s bad for your health and all but it helps when I am stressed it’s the only thing that works.

I began smoking and a guy also entered the roof he was having trouble breathing, I quickly put out my smoke and helped him up he was almost falling on the ground. I carry and sort of drag him to a nearby place where he could sit and get his breath back.

“Are you alright?” he replied “I just need to get a break” “yeah, so do I” he smiles and says “yours can’t be that bad, “you want to bet” he smiles as if he knows that he is already going to win.

I look at the city from the roof of the hotel since it’s in the middle of the busy city, “it’s my sister’s wedding today” “shouldn’t you be happy about that?”  “It’s with my ex-fiancée” I hear him murmur “ouch.”

I slowly continue “they had an affair behind my back and I had discovered it on our rehearsal dinner when I came to check up on him, I had broken off the engagement.”  My chest begins to tighten “after a month later my sister tells me that she is pregnant and my ex-fiancée marries my sister.”  Why am I telling a complete stranger about this though he was a good looking stranger he had nice blond hair, but I couldn’t see his eyes it was too dark.

“Mine’s worse” no way “I don’t believe it” I told him, “I lent my girlfriend $200,000 dollars because she told me that she needed it for her sickly aunt” “so she just ripped you off” “it gets worse” he said in a pained voice.   

He takes a deep breath and continues “I receive a call from my sister telling me that my girlfriend is going to marry my father,” I stand there with my mouth open chose a 50-65 year old over a man in his late 20’s because that how he looked.

“That’s not all, he doesn’t have any money and the wedding is going to cost $150,000” oh my god, he is paying for their wedding because he thought it was going to be for an aunt.  “My sister had also told me that my grandmother had also died,” at the end his voice became choppy like he was crying but I wasn’t going to ask. “The worse thing is that the condition to get my inheritance is to get married and to have a child with her,” “that sucks, I don’t believe in love anymore only with no strings attached.”

“So you don’t believe in love?” he asks “nope, not one bit” then he asks me “then why don’t we get married?”


The End

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