Memories of GranMature

            I walked in my grandmothers grand mansion it seemed cold, my grandmother even though she was strict at the end of the day she had baked a fresh batch of homemade cookies and if it was Friday she had brownies they tasted like heaven in your mouth.

I loved my grandmother more than anyone in this family; I wouldn't have come here if I wasn't supposed to. She wanted her will read here, she lived a long live she turned 81 at her last birthday party.

 I remember not attending her party I hate society events, I remember sending her a 14 carat diamond necklace, with flowers and chocolate instead. After the party she scolded me for not attending and gave the necklace saying that it was more valuable having her grandson attend that a 14 carat necklace, but she kept the flowers and the chocolate.

Now that she is not here I regret not going to her last birthday party, but in life you don’t know when you are going to die.

I don’t really like teenagers these days they are crazy, but I approve of the use of YOLO because it’s true you only live once.

I ring the door bell, then my grandmothers butler opens the door and sais “master Jason, enter please your coat” I say to the old man “hello Boris, shouldn’t you retire?” He simply smiles and sais “I simply live my life to serve the Evans family, young master” every time I ask him that question he answers the same.

He begins to grab my coat “Boris, this will be a brief meeting I will keep my coat with me” he simply nod “yes, Master Jason.”

From what my grandmothers’ lawyers had written in their email, it was to be held in the grand dining room. I sadly smile from the happy memories I had with my grandmother, the milk and chocolate she would bring me after having a nightmare of my mother’s tragic.

We both had never told my sister, but we all knew I was her favorite and would always nag on me about how I should build a family, with a wife. I had hoped to have that with Angelica but she preferred an old man than me, her choice thought it pains me.

As I opened the door I notices that no one was their yet I look at the time 9:35, I am 25 minutes early.

I better brace myself for when everyone gets here because it will be war for Grans’ money.   

The End

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