I couldn't breathe, I could yell, I couldn't rage and all I felt was pain this day was the worst day I never suspected that Gabe's affair would turn out more than an affair with her. 

I was dead wrong, because he got my sister pregnant.

My parents raised me and my sister to take care of our bodies so then we would get pregnant, or do anything that could harm our reputation.

My parents are very strict about that they were horrified about my sisters affair with Gabe, they gave Gabe two options whether he stopped his relationship or he marry her. He chose the easy way out they stopped seeing each other. 

And a month later I received a call from my sister she called me at work in a panic then they told me that she was pregnant, and she didn't know what to do.  My sister told me that she didn't want to face our parents because when they were mad they were terrifying. 

When she told me she was planning to abort the pregnancy I lost it I began yelling in my office "Don't you dare abort that child, if you do I will never speak to you again because this is all your fault sis, do you know why? Well it's because you decided to sleep with my ex-fiancée and because of your recklessness you got pregnant. You didn't even think of the consequences did you? No you didn't because if you did you would have gotten pregnant. When I finish work I will come get you and drag you to our parents house and tell them what you did if you don't decide to tell them yourself before I do." 

The parents decided to make Gabe marry my sister but I never thought that they would actually succeed.  I was wrong again, why am I never right?

The End

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