Prologue: JasonMature

I miss her, soo much I haven't seen her in days I hope everything has gone well with her aunt those thoughts are floating through my head. Angelica how I miss you my darling, my love my one true love.

I decide to call her office to see if she is there I dial her number Ring, Ring, then "Hello, this is Via enterprises to who may I direct your call" it’s not Angelica who answered her phone it was her secretary Mia who answered. Then in a happy voice I say "Hello Mia, how are you?" There is no response on the phone then "Jason, I am good but why are you calling?"

Why am I calling why is she asking that?

"To talk to Angelica of course" there is silence on the other side no response then she says "Jason, haven't you heard that she resigned from her job?" Resigned why would she, she still has to pay for her Aunts medical expenses, why? "Do you know why she resigned, she said that 'she didn't need this job anymore because she was getting married" I ran out of words.

She is getting married to who I proposed to her many time but she constantly said no.

“Congratulations Jason on the wedding, Jason, Jason? Are you still on the line," I hardly manage to say these words "I am still on, before I go I have a question" "sure Jason" "when did she resign?" "She resigned a week ago" oh, no "I have to go" I tell her. "Jason" she manages to say before I hang up the phone.

Then I receive a call from Elise my older sister “What” I yell at the phone I am angry but I my sister hasn’t done anything “wow, who made you this angry?” “Sorry Elise, I suppose you heard the news,” news what news? “What news Elise?” Can there be worse news than this, no I don’t think so. Then she says quickly “Fthr is ging to mrry Angie and granny is dead.” “Elise I don’t speak to fast” she said it again but the only words I understood are Father, marry and dead, “Elise just spit it out.” Then she says “Father is going to marry Angelica and grandmother is dead,” this news is the worst news I heard today.  

Grandmother is dead; I can’t believe it she was the only one who took care of me when I was young, and my girlfriend is marrying my father. This is the worst day of my life.

She's getting married, and she's doing it with my money since father doesn’t have any.

I cannot believe, I believe her sick aunt crap I can't believe it. I would have given her everything but that gold digger she probably chose someone with bigger wallets than me. I can't believe I gave I fell for it and gave her $200,000 dollar.

Love I can't believe I fell for the love story bullshit, marriage it only an arrangement between two people.

It’s not about love because it doesn't exist, I am not naive anymore to believe in it.

The End

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