Prologue: AnneMature

Anne needs to get married or else she will get fired from her job, Jason needs to get a wife so then he will receive a huge inheritance from his grandmother. They both have to present their husband and wife for his annual family reunion and her company Christmas party. The reason why he chose Anne as his wife is because she vowed never to fall in love, she like he had when he had his heart broken. They both vowed never to fall in love but fate has different plans in mind.

Prologue: Anne

Where is Gabe? It's our wedding rehearsal, I think that I saw him come but then where is he? I see Jessica my maid of honor and best friend, I walk over to her and ask "Jess, do you know where Gabe is? I can't see him anywhere?" I start panicking, and fidgeting worried that maybe he got into an accident?

"Take a deep breath Anna inhale, exhale" I do then she asks "are you more relaxed now?" I nod "Gabriel is upstairs in room 405. Do you have the key?" she asked. "Yeah I do, I will go check up on him, I will be right back" I left the party room and took the elevator to the fourth floor.

I got to the fourth floor and it took me a while to find the room, I have a horrible sense of direction. I knocked on the door there was no response, I put the key card in the SLOT. Green I can go in as I OPENED the door, as I turn the knob I had a feeling something was going to happen.

I opened the door and I saw the worst thing imaginable.     

"Gabe" I managed to whisper they didn't hear me they were too BUSY. Yeah, having sex behind my back. I slammed my fist to the door, they both turned to see what had happened, and the person who was with him was, was my sister. At that instant, tore my heart from my body and I couldn’t breathe.

My body froze my sister and my fiancée, no let me fix that ex-fiancée. I did my best to show them that what they were doing wasn't tearing me to pieces like it was.

I smiled at them and said "sorry to interrupt you," Gabe's face was in utter shock. I guess he wasn’t expecting to get caught. He then went to grab his clothing. I left closing the door behind me using all my willpower not to slam the door, I heard Gabe scream behind me "Annie" my nickname. He no longer has the right to call me anything I am no longer anything of his.

I ignored him, and I got on the elevator as quickly as possible once the doors closed I fell to the ground and began crying I scrabbled to find my phone, I texted Jess 'Announce that the wedding is cancelled.'

I couldn’t bear to see anyone now it was too painful. A question I was asking myself was why? Why did they do that?

Receive a quick reply back from Jess 'WHY ANNIE? WHATS WRONG? WHO DO I KILL?' her last comment makes me smile she should kill Gabe but he's not worth it. I messaged her back 'Tell you back at my apartment, please tell everyone and don't kill anyone.' Her comment was kind although a bit drastic but I understand how a woman would want revenge. 

I got into MY CAR, and drove to my St.Clair apartment but before I drove to a nearby supermarket I bought chocolates and ice cream. Shortly after I got home, Jess came she saw they bag and said "why are you destroying yourself?"  

“I am not destroying myself, I am helping myself to the joys of life its making me feel less miserable would you like a spoonful or mouthful of happiness?” I ask, knowing Jess she would have a bit. “You know I would” and grabs a spoon and smiles at me. Her loving smile gives me a good sense of comfort. Tears unknowingly stream down my face I begin to become aware of them as one touches my lip and I taste the salty taste of the tear. 

I told her what had happened and she told me that if I gave her permission she would make sure that he would no longer be able to enjoy his special part.

Jess was by my side all night and we watched sad love movies. She really cheered me up, and she gave me an idea that both of us go on the honeymoon trip Gabe and me where suppose to take. And we did.

I learned a lesson that day and it was to never fall in love AGAIN because it hurts.

The End

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